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  • How much does the camp cost ?
    Prices basically depend on the length of the chosen period and/or on the type of application.

    Standard application (with English language tuition) :

    1 week (7 nights): 990 Euro
    2 weeks (14 nights): 1890 Euro
    3 weeks (21 nights): 2790 Euro
    4 weeks (28 nights): 3690 Euro

    Application for native English speakers (without language tuition) :

    1 week (7 nights): 860 Euro
    2 weeks (14 nights): 1630 Euro
    3 weeks (21 nights): 2400 Euro
    4 weeks (28 nights): 3190 Euro

    Note: prices may change depending on the numbers of nights, e.g. you spend 15 nights in the camp instead of 14 vecause of your flight schedule

  • What does the price include ?
    The price you pay includes:

    - return transit between the airport and the hotel
    - accomodation in the Hotel 4stars 40m distance from the pool area and from the sea
    - meals (3x)
    - waterpolo trainings 2 times a day/90 minutes
    - evening programmes on weekdays
    - whole-day excursions and cultural programmes at the weekends
    - English tuition on every weekday 2 times/90 minutes from 1330-1700 in the   afternoons (standard application only)
    - free entrance at the Sliema Pitch (swimming pool), free sunbed, umbrella, mattress,   and free dressing room and shower

  • Who will be the waterpolo trainers?
    The exact names are still under negotiations. We would like to keep you informed via newsletter or on our website on this issue and others as well...

    Trainer: BalázsVincze, Dr. , 358 times in the Hungarian National WP Team (1987-2000)

  • Who will supervisethe students during the excursions and other programmes?
    During the time of being in the camp the camp participants will be supervised by HWPSC and/or AM Language School trainers, educators and teachers. See the details in "house rules ".

  • After arrival how will I get from the airport to the camp place?
    At the airport waiting room all participants will meet HWPSC or AM Language School personnel. Transfer is also provided from the airport to the hotel and back at the end of the camp. Campers will get more information in the hotel.

  • What if the flight is delayed or cancelled?
    We suggest you make a phone call to the airport one day before travelling to know if everything is alright with your flight. If a flight is delayed or cancelled then the airport is the one that is responsible for all consequences. They are to inform people and tell them what to do. Nevertheless calling the airport prior to travelling is highly recommended.

  • How many beds the rooms have and what are they like?
    Rooms have 2, 3 and 4 beds, they are air-conditioned and have bathroom as well.

  • Can I ask to share a room with my team mate or friend if we come from the same place?
    Yes, however we suggest letting us know about it in the comment line of the application form or in email.

  • Will there be physical trainings and long swimmings?
    No, the purpose of the camp is improving technical skills and perfecting the basics. Of course you have to swim a little as a warming-up...

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